Vortex SV

Submersible Pumps for Wastewater


12 - 15m
Max. head

16 - 70m³/h
Max. flow

0.75 - 4kW
Motor power

40 - 80
Discharge size


Vortex SV series pumps are suitable for pumping drainage water and waste water. With 40 up to 80 mm spherical clearance. They are used for various applications in public and private sector, trade and industry.


Permanent or transportable. Model with float switch control for automatic pump operation, depending on liquid level in the sump.


Double seals, lip seals and reinforced SIC-SIC mechanical seal. Motor casing, pump body and open impeller in cast iron, 420 stainless steel shaft

Pumped liquid

Clear water and drainage water, sewage containing soft solids. Max. liquid temperature: 35°C.


Fully submersible, pressure tight electric motor. Stainless steel motor- and pump housing. Insulation class F. Motor protection IP 68. Thermal sensors imbedded in the motor winding.


Power cable: 10 m neoprene.
Immersion depth of 10 m.
Ideal for installation with guide rail.



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