Submersible Pumps for cisternas


30 - 50m
Max. head

Max. flow

0.37 - 0.6kW
Motor power

G 1 F
Discharge size


AquaRain series are special suitable for direct installation at the bottom of tanks thanks to the lower guide, in Noryl, of shaft and the rubber feet on the bottom of the pump that reduce vibration. The pump can be installed on the flat botton surface of a tank with a fix or raising strainer.


Permanent or transportable. Model with float switch control for automatic pump operation, depending on liquid level. The combination of stainless steel for the turbines and glass fiber reinforced NORYL for broadcasters, provides excellent resistance to abrasion due to sand for maximum efficiency


Double seals, lip seals and reinforced carbon ceramic mechanical seal. Pump casing, pump head and impellers in 304 stainless steel, 420 stainless steel shaft

Pumped liquid

Clean water.
Max. liquid temperature: 35°C.
Max. sand contents: 60g/m3.


Engine oil immersed food, non-toxic, non-polluting. Externally cooled by the pumped liquid. Insulation class F. Motor protection IP68. Thermal sensors imbedded in the motor winding.


Power cable: 20 m neoprene.
Immersion depth of 20 m.
Max. starts/hour: 30



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